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Special Endorsements 

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Dr. Anthony Everett
strongly endorses James Brown

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The Honorable Councilman James Brown has proven himself to be an impeccable, young leader and profound statesman who is representative of all citizens in Fayette County hailing from District 1, but concerned with all of our citizenry. The Council-At-Large positions were established and the county positions eliminated years ago so that African American citizens would have equitable representation in city government. This has never been the case in Lexington, Kentucky. It is time to elect a vice mayor who is competent, capable, and able to support and/or challenge our future mayor as well as understand the concerns of the Black community. Councilman Brown is that person.
- Executive Director at Mission Behind Bars and Beyond
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Former Chief of Police
Mark Barnard
strongly endorses James Brown

"James is focused on community safety, building bridges and forging partnerships across our city" - Former Chief of Police Mark Barnard

Former Mayor
Jim Gray
strongly endorses James Brown


"I appointed James Brown to City Council in 2015 because of his business background and long record of community involvement. James has since proven the ability to build consensus on tough issues to get things done for Lexington! He has my full support for Council at-large." -Former Mayor Jim Gray
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Vice Mayor
Steve Kay
strongly endorses James Brown


James Brown has my full support for Council at-Large!  He has made many impressive contributions to our community including his exemplary work on council which I have observed first-hand.  He and I have worked together numerous times successfully moving forward some of the most important city-wide challenges the Council has faced in recent years.   He's the right choice for Council at-Large!  -Steve Kay


strongly endorses James Brown

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"Councilman Brown is a man of courage and credibility who uses his leadership skills to effectively collaborate and communicate. I observed these leadership qualities first-hand as he led a task force of which I was a participant to address the involuntary displacement of many Lexington residents. Councilman Brown listens to all sides of an issue before making thoughtful decisions. I trust him to serve the best interest of all Lexington residents while he works on the challenges facing our community." - Bill Wilson, Current President of Rotary Club, Member of the Planning Commission, Recent Chair of the LFUCG Redistricting Committee

Anita Courtney
strongly endorses James Brown


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My husband, the late Jake Gibbs, worked with James on Council for more than 5 years and spoke highly of his smart, inclusive, problem-solving approach to issues facing Lexington.

I have attended hours of meetings over the last 6 months, watching the Council discuss how to spend the American Recovery Plan Act funds. A number of times, I watched the Council grapple with some complicated situation, and then James would ring in and distill the impasse down to a common sense, workable approach that most of his colleagues agreed with. Jake was right about James, and I wholeheartedly support him for Council at-Large.  -Anita Courtney

Rachel Childress
strongly endorses James Brown


"I support James because of his intelligence, insight, and commitment. He cares about his constituents and the community at large." -Rachel Childress

Thomas Tolliver
strongly endorses James Brown

"From extensive improvements to our historic parks to extension of the Legacy Trail, Councilmember Brown has been key to much of the positive changes happening in the East End neighborhood. And his efforts haven’t just benefited East End residents; the neighborhood has become a more attractive place for residents from the larger community to visit and enjoy. Watching how hard he has worked to serve and improve this part of Lexington makes me eager to support his candidacy for Council at-Large. He walks the walk!" -Thomas Tolliver, retired newspaper reporter, and long-time resident and activist for the East End Neighborhood.

Stephanie Spires
strongly endorses James Brown

"I support James Brown for Council at-large because of his proven track record of supporting minority business and development in Lexington." -Stephanie Spires, local entrepreneur, FCPS Board member, and mother of five.


strongly endorses James Brown

GLoria Martin Head Shot.jpeg
"I support James because he has demonstrated that he cares about everyone in Fayette County from the inner city to the county lines." - Gloria Martin, Local Farm Owner, Current Chair of Rural Land Management Board, Former City Councilwoman


strongly endorses James Brown

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"I have worked with James on issues that impact my neighborhood as long as he's been a council member. Anytime I have reached out to James with a concern, he has been willing to meet and listen. While we may not always agree, James has earned my respect with his thoughtful approach and willingness to consider differing points of view. His commitment to service is plain. What more can you ask of a Council member?" - John Hackworth, President, Gratz Park Neighborhood Association and Board member, Bluegrass Trust for Historic Preservation

strongly endorses James Brown

"James Brown was a proven public servant long before he was elected to office. His record is remarkable. Whether it is engagement in programs which support our youth and seniors or support for the arts, James commits then he shows up and gets to work! He makes a difference. That is why I support James Brown for Council at-Large." – Nieta Wigginton, Arts Administrator, Educator
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